Aaron O’Brien (born August 22, 1986) professionally known as “AARON O. ” is an American singer, rapper, songwriter and producer from Chicago, Illinois.

His sound is described as a unique blend of Hip Hop, Christian Rap, RnB and storytelling. To add he has the ability to captivate an audience by his uplifting and thought provoking performances.

He is preparing for the release of his debut single “More Than a Body” November 2018 and following with the official music video scheduled for release early 2019.

He began his musical career on the campus of southern Illinois university in Carbondale in 2008. After being Introduced to FL studio he began making beats in his dorm room and participating in cyphers and recording projects all over campus. The biggest “aha” moment was when he watched a friend record a song in his door room after that Aaron knew he wanted to be music artist. 

His sound is described as a unique blend of hip hop, Christian rap, RnB and storytelling. He has the ability to captive an audience by just speaking. His cadence and vocal signature draw you into the meaning of every word he performs. Aaron’s music has been described as a breath of fresh air in the sea of depressing, drug induced, typical hip-hop culture. It’s obvious that he’s developing into something more maybe a cultural ICON.